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Why looking after your heart in your 20’s helps your brain as you get older

Healthy Heart Happy Brain?

Researchers have confirmed over recent years that looking after our heart health is important for our brain health. Avoiding high blood pressure, exercising and reducing stress are all factors that are important to reduce the risks of heart disease and it seems helps our brains too.

But this week we saw some emerging research on this that suggests we are never too young to start looking after our brains

A study looking at 189 people with the average age of 24 were followed for 30 years as part of a large research project 

What they found that those people studied with better measurements for heart health at the beginning of the study ( such as non smokers, having a healthy weight and blood pressure ) were more likely to have better results on their tests of memory and thinking skills 30 years on. 

This is a starting point for yet more research but what it does suggest that what we do and how we live in our younger years may make a difference to our brain health in later years. 

Small changes do make a difference to how we feel and the health of our brains. And it seems the earlier we start making these small changes the more we we may benefit in later life. 

What are some of the things that matter for heart and brain health- even in our 20’s? 

Keeping active, maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking and finding ways to manage our stress- small changes really do make a difference to how we feel and our brain health, at any and every age. 


Dr Clara Russell