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How to keep coronavirus fears from affecting your mental health

Here are some tips on how to reduce anxiety, stay calm and manage worries around the coronavirus global pandemic.

1. First things first, keep calm and wash your hands. Let me reiterate that: keep calm and wash your hands.

2. Allow yourself to be worried or anxious, this is natural. 

3. Limit your time on social media and watching the news, too much exposure to negative news is bad for your mental wellbeing.

4. Follow news sources you trust – whether that’s WHO or the BBC. 

5. Limit the frequency of how often you are checking the news updates.

6. Stay hydrated, your brain and your body will thank you.

7. Get fresh air, open a window, breathe deeply and be mindful. 

8. Keep up physical activity and endorphinate when you can, whether that’s an exercise routine at home, yoga or a workout video from You Tube.

9. Get adequate, quality sleep. See our earlier blog posts on this.

10. If you or someone you know are self isolating, watch, listen to, or read uplifting material. This is interesting and stimulating to watch : https://bit.ly/2Qgkc1q

11. Don’t bottle your feelings up, call a friend, send a text, start a family WhatsApp group or show your elderly relatives how to Skype or FaceTime, staying connected is important.

12. Revisit hobbies, whether it’s cooking, chess, crocheting or crosswords, activities like this are good for your neural pathways.

13. Learn something new, websites like UDEMY https://www.udemy.com/ have more than 100,000 courses you can sign up for and new activities are also great for your brain health.

14. This too shall pass. Remember: You Don’t Control What Happens, You Control How You Respond. Check out this philosophy website: https://dailystoic.com/ 

We hope these tips from Team Noggin help. You can also check out our earlier blog posts on how to be well and take care of your gut and brain health.

Dr Clara Russell