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Do you walk or flaneur?

Do you walk to get your steps in or stretch your legs because you have to?
If you have fallen out of love with walking perhaps it’s time to flaneur ?

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The Power of a Simple Hug on Brain Health

We’ve blogged before on the importance of giving your brain a break and when it comes to simple ways to feel better hugs can really do the trick. Here at Noggin, we love hugging and we miss the physical contact with friends and family and hugging is one simple

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Tis the season to Eat

Whilst many aspects of this Christmas are going to be different to ‘normal’, there are still lots of yummy Christmas treats around to snack on. As the evenings get longer and without a Christmas Night Out in sight, those stollen bites, mince pies and chocolate

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Dear Stress, let’s break up

After the events of 2020 so far, is anyone NOT stressed? Here’s the good news, whilst stress is all around us, our everyday habits can help us tackle stress head on.  Move More – if you are an exercise avoider (like me,) you will always

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Where has all the Small Talk gone?

Zoom, Teams or Face Time Social interaction has changed beyond imagination in the last few months for most of us. Face to face via a screen has become the new normal in a way that we would never have thought possible back at the beginning

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