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Can A Nap Boost Your Brain Health?

Yes! Research has shown that catching a few Zzzzz during the day can be good for your brain. A number of famous names are notable for their love of napping. Sir Winston Churchill managed on just four hours sleep a night during World War Two — but insisted on a two

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How to de- stress

Stress is very common at the moment with so much uncertainty and a lack of control so it’s no wonder that we are frazzled and left feeling exhausted. Many people are on the redundancy rollercoaster too, which can understandably hit confidence, sap energy and create worries about

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Magnesium – why you need this in your life.

Modern life is particularly draining at the moment and sometimes we need a little help keeping calm, focussed and on the ball. Brain fog can come on when we’re not firing on all cylinders.  A good balanced diet, quality sleep, which is restorative and being

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Is lack of sleep causing you stress?

Three solutions to help you get some shut eye. According to the UK Sleep Council working from home is having a negative impact on our sleep. This is due to working longer hours, juggling childcare, looking after our parents and the demarcation lines of when work begins and ends becoming blurred.

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How to sleep in a heatwave

How to sleep in a heatwave: the science says to drink this hot drink before bed in hot weather There’s nothing worse than not getting a good night’s sleep and at the moment with the UK temperatures hitting the high notes, it can be tricky to get

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