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The Power of a Simple Hug on Brain Health

We’ve blogged before on the importance of giving your brain a break and when it comes to simple ways to feel better hugs can really do the trick. Here at Noggin, we love hugging and we miss the physical contact with friends and family and hugging is one simple

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Can you Unworry yourself Well?

“I’ve been worried sick“ We’ve all heard or used the term’ I was worried sick’ probably without even realising the strength of the evidence behind these seemingly glib words. Over recent years, research has shown that persistent negative emotions – such as stress and worry-

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How Your Breath Controls Your Mood and Attention

New research explores the important relationship between the pace and intentionality of your breathing, and the brain networks involved in mood, attention, and body awareness. We are in the midst of a global pandemic so it’s no wonder that many of us are under constant  stress and one of

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What Is Your Favourite Simple or Guilty Pleasure?

Some people call it their guilty pleasure whilst for others it’s a simple pleasure – or perhaps you’ve a penchant for both? If so, well done! I’ve always been an advocate of celebrating the simple pleasures in life and how they can impact your brain health and there’s a science backed

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7 everyday ways your may be sabotaging your brain health

Too Little Sleep Sleep deprivation can have a huge effect on how your brain functions throughout the day. One study, for example, limited the sleep of test subjects to 4.5 hours a night and the result was that these people experienced significantly more stress, anger, sadness,

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New habits, new neural pathways

New habits, new neural pathways – 8 hobbies great for your brain health Research from Harvard Medical School and neurologists tell us that learning a new skill has a variety of effects on the physical structures of the brain itself. New information introduced to our mind connects new neural

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Why getting Creative is good for your Brain Health

Creativity Boosts Brain Health When it comes to boosting your brain health, one of the easiest ways of doing this is by getting creative. This needn’t be design led work or immersing yourself in meditation, it can be as simple as drawing, crocheting, playing music or

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