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‘Tis the Season to be thirsty

With the festive season upon us with spiced pumpkin and cinnamon lattes or mulled wine being offered, here’s our guide to the drinks which you could choose to benefit your brain health. As always, it’s about balance and we’ve blogged before about the brain health benefits

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Simple ways to get your Gut Healthier

Quick reminder-your gut is full of bacteria and the balance between good guys and bad guys within this is important for many aspects of your health. This include brain health as our gut and our brain are in direct communication via two way street as

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7 Simple Tips For Gut Health

Read our seven simple tips to gut health and whilst you’re reading this, why not have a glass of water, your gut will feel the benefit…. Slow Down Slowing down how quickly you eat and chewing each bite completely can help promote healthy digestion.  Chew Chewing is the first step in digestion,

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