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Simple ways to get your Gut Healthier

Quick reminder-your gut is full of bacteria and the balance between good guys and bad guys within this is important for many aspects of your health. This include brain health as our gut and our brain are in direct communication via two way street as

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Tis the season to Eat

Whilst many aspects of this Christmas are going to be different to ‘normal’, there are still lots of yummy Christmas treats around to snack on. As the evenings get longer and without a Christmas Night Out in sight, those stollen bites, mince pies and chocolate

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Cholesterol-brain friend or foe?

“I’ve got a cholesterol of 6.4, is that bad?” is the type of question I often hear people ask.  If only there were a simple answer…. First things first-what is cholesterol anyway and why do we need it? Or do we need it at all?

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2,4,6,8 Which Omega do we appreciate?

Omega 3 Omega 3 Fatty Acids have a vital role to play in keeping your brain healthy. They are essential for nerve cells and brain cells to communicate and translate information into action elsewhere in our body. EPA and DHA – 2 types of essential

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Why did the Banana go to the Doctor ?

It wasn’t peeling well… Ok so the joke may be below average but there is nothing underrated about the humble banana. We can’t directly link bananas with brain health but it is a ideal as a healthy snack on the go or for breakfast. As the

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