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Simple ways to get your Gut Healthier

Quick reminder-your gut is full of bacteria and the balance between good guys and bad guys within this is important for many aspects of your health. This include brain health as our gut and our brain are in direct communication via two way street as part of our nervous system. Having a good balance of healthy bacteria in your gut is also important for your immune system and as we have all learned in 2020, anything we can do to keep our immune system healthy and strong is important.

One way in which we can look after the good bacteria in our gut is by eating gut friendly foods-essentially foods that are high in fibre or fermented foods. When you are ordering your next on line food shop, or braving the pre Christmas supermarket sweep, here is a quick list to remind you of some things to include to help your gut stay healthy and keep the bad guys at bay.

These foods are great options for improving gut health and can help promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. 

• Fruits and vegetables

• Fish

• Meats and eggs

• Herbs and spices

• Unprocessed whole grains

• Fermented vegetables

• Sprouted seeds and nuts

• Cultured dairy products

These foods can cause inflammation in the body, promoting the growth of unhealthy gut bacteria:

• Processed wheat-based products

• Baked, sugary goods

• Artificial sweeteners

• Sugary drinks and snacks

• Refined oils

• Dairy products

• Processed meat

• Junk food and fast food

Keep Well, Dr Clara Russell