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Magnesium – why you need this in your life.

Modern life is particularly draining at the moment and sometimes we need a little help keeping calm, focussed and on the ball.

Brain fog can come on when we’re not firing on all cylinders.  A good balanced diet, quality sleep, which is restorative and being mindful can help. 

One other consideration is are you getting enough Magnesium?

Low Magnesium levels can contribute to a number of conditions including anxiety, low mood, headaches and poor quality of sleep.

Magnesium also plays an important  role in managing blood sugar levels and our blood pressure, muscle and nerve transmission, the transport of other nutrients, and the all important immune system support.

Magnesium supplement usage has almost doubled in the UK since 2016 according to the 2019 Health of the Nation Survey released by the Health Food Manufacturers’ Association. 

All adults need around 375mg of magnesium everyday, as a deficiency can lead to palpitations, or even low blood sugar.

The average intake of magnesium from food is around 280mg each day.

Foods to consider adding to your diet include:

Peanut butter


Cashew nuts




Nuts, especially almonds and cashews 

Wholegrain bread



If you’re struggling with sleep, have you considered magnesium as a supplement?

You can also obtain magnesium by absorption through the skin by soaking in a bath containing magnesium salt flakes.

This is super relaxing and a great way to wind down before going to bed and will promote a good night’s sleep. 

I’ve recommended magnesium supplements to my patients who suffer from particularly bad PMT and also to help with diabetes management.

As always, if you have any concerns or questions about supplements, please speak to your GP who can advise you.

Find out more on the scientific research into the benefits of magnesium here.

Keep Well

Dr Clara Russell