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Little ways to boost your mood

There is plenty to be down in the mouth about at the moment- especially if you put on the news or scroll through social media. 

Whilst the little things may not be able to change the course of a global pandemic, they can make a difference to how you feel and how you deal with the difficulties that may be going on around you

Here’s some science backed ways that can make a wee difference to how your feel- 

1.Kindness Rules- being kind has been shown time and time again to help boost both our happiness levels and those of the person you are being kind too. Every kind gesture- from a hello to an elderly neighbour, offering a helping hand to arranging an adventurous charity challenges- makes a difference.

2. Exercise- getting moving releases endorphins, the feel good brain chemicals, that give your mood a boost within minutes of getting active.  You can do anything active you feel like- whether its walking, yoga, playing with the kids or having a boogie on your own.  If you can, get active for around 20 minutes to get your heart rate up (and break a sweat) to see the best results.

3.Buy Flowers- and give them to yourself. Harvard researchers have found that keeping fresh flowers helps with anxious feelings and low mood. Who doesn’t like to get flowers as a gift? So treat yourself! 

4.Add Mushrooms to your shopping list- one of the few food sources of Vitamin D- the sunshine vitamin that helps with the production of our brain chemicals ( neuro transmitters). For your mood, serotonin production is key so ways to boost this are important.  For more on serotonin and how important it is for brain health have a read https://www.nogginbrain.co.uk/hello-is-it-me-you-are-looking-for/

5.Chocolate time- yes your read correctly, chocolate is great for your mood. But I think you knew that one… the main reason it helps immediately with a mood boost is the sugar content unfortunately BUT chocolate also contains tryptophan which is another vital ingredient to serotonin production. Other tryptophan rich foods include eggs and poultry 

6. Green tea- rich in anti oxidants, green tea is a health boosting drink that makes a great addition to your day time drink repertoire. However, to get the mood benefits you may have to drink quite a lot! A study has shown that people drinking 5 cups or more a day have a reduction in stress levels of up to 20% versus those who only drank one cup

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Dr Clara Russell