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Coffee, water and wine- how they can help your brain health

What we drink, when and how much of it also matters for how we feel, our memory and brain health

Water Water Water

We can almost always benefit from drinking more water.

Our brains are 73% water and only 2% dehydration can affect your memory and focus/ attention. 

It is estimated that 75% of us do not drink adequate fluids during the day. ( that definitely includes me) 

And bearing in mind that drinking coffee, tea or drinks with caffeine can dehydrate us further it’s important to grab another glass of water when ever you are making yourself a brew. With all of us indoors that’s something else to think about. 

8 glasses a day is what we’ve been told, but if you want to work out exactly how much you need try this:



The world’s most used drug ( yes really)  can help us feel more alert and energised when drunk early enough in the day. 

Too much, or towards bedtime, for most of us, can have negative effects 

So drink coffee in moderation, even when home working, and always pour yourself a glass of water to go with it. Also remember that some teas- green tea or flavoured black teas- also contain caffeine so this still ‘counts’. 


Red wine has been shown on many studies to be helpful as a source of anti oxidants ( reservatrol) and also beneficial for the bacteria in our gut. This can be helpful for our brain.

Drinking  moderately thought adult life has been shown in a study published in 2008 as a possible protective factor for memory and dementia risk*

Only in moderation however – more than the recommended safe amount ( 14 units a week in the UK) can be harmful for your general health as well as brain and your memory. 

And the night cap/ one for the road? This can actually disrupt your sleep more than support it which isn’t helpful for your brain health