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5 ways to reduce your risk of Alzheimers disease

5 ways to reduce your risk of Alzheimers disease

Can a combination of every day lifestyle changes reduce your risk for Alzheimers dementia even when you are in an age group that is at most risk?

From all we’ve read and researched we at Noggin know that lifestyle matters for supporting your brain and mental health – that is why we are so passionate about brain health.

Recent research published by Neurology*has some more details on a study recently completed looking at some of these factors in more detail

Exercise, following a brain healthy Mediterranean style diet, moderating alcohol intake and keeping your brain active in activities you enjoy in all stages of like are key to supporting the health of your brain

Researchers looked at nearly 3000 people in their 60s and beyond, who did not have dementia at the start of the study, and followed their lifestyle and dietary behaviours for 6 years

They looked specifically at the following:

  • Not Smoking
  • Regular physical activity (moderate – intense)
  • Alcohol consumption (light – moderate intake)
  • Mediterranean Diet 
  • Brain engaging activities later in life

Comparing those who had 2-3 of these lifestyle habits to those who had 0-1, they was a 37% reduced risk for Alzheimers dementia.

Those who had 4-5 of these lifestyle habits had a 60% reduction in risk of diagnosis. 

The authors concluded that all 5 of these risk factors were changeable and the more we do of them, the better they work to reduce your risk. 

Learn more about Mediterranean Diets and why they are important for your brain health 

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Dr Clara Russell