Brain Facts

Did you know?

Our Brains represent about 2% of our body weight ( about 1.4kg) but use around 20% of our total energy

Our Brains are divided into 2 halves ( right brain and left brain – not sciencey names there) and divided by a big bundle of nerve cells called corpus callosum

Brains are made of mostly water and fat ( more on that later)

The Brain organ is protected by fluid, a thick tissue layer ( cerebral cortex) and finally encased in our bony protective skulls- nature’s helmet. 

The Brain internally protected by the Blood Brain Barrier – a very clever defence system which does its best to keep things out that may be ok for other parts of your body but not for your brain eg certain medications, infection and toxins

The Brain has around 100 billion nerve cells known as Neurons.

Each nerve cell connects to many others

This connection is called a Synapse.

Each group of nerve cells has its own job- they help us see, hear, smell, move, think, learn, remember and feel. As a group these huge numbers of cells are known as the Central Nervous System. 

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The brain is the body’s control center and is divided into different parts called ‘lobes’

These lobes are team players and work together to to share and process information to allow us to function at every level. Whilst they all work together, they all have their own specific roles:

Frontal Lobe ( at the front, no surprises there)Deals with problem solving and making decisions, also helps you understand different emotions.This lobe co ordinates all the senses to help you make sense of your environment and contains the very important motor cortex which takes charge when you decide to move

Temporal Lobe The CEO of  your emotions, this lobe has a role in long term memory and more basic life functions such as temperature control, sleeping, hunger, thirst, and waking. This lobe translates thoughts into words,hearing and understanding as well as forming memories

Occipital Lobe ( that sticky out bit at the back) is the vision centre so helps us actually see the world around us

Little brain ( cerebellum) Don’t be fooled by its small size-This contains 4x as many neurons as the rest of our brain – wowsers! It communicates with the motor cortex to get the thinking about movement and the actions of doing them in sync

Parietal lobe  co ordinates information from senses around you and is held up by the Brainstem  which co ordinates messages between brain and body and is vital for the all important breathing 

The brain as a whole is surrounded by the Cerebral Cortex which although is only a few millimetres in thickness is another key player in the processing of information