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How does the New Normal feel for you?

As we slowly start to emerge from lockdown, how can we rebuild confidence, positivity and support our mental wellbeing ?

As a GP and a Mum and wife, I know only too well the anxiety we can face when we are about to take on the ‘new normal’.
It’s fair to say the global Covid-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of our life, the world over and  we’re all experiencing unprecedented challenges – both personal and professional. Our way of work, how we see our families,  shop, socialise, and go about our daily lives has been deconstructed as we’ve been forced into a new way of living.

It’s no surprise then that our confidence levels have taken a knock, whether its how you feel about you mental wellness, your body-image, social distancing with long overdue family, or rising to challenges if you’re back to work. 
It’s a very uncertain time for many, with research from BUPA Health clinics says 65 per cent of Brits are anxious about returning to the workplace.

Here are some tips if you’re anxious about the ’new normal’ :

Good habits

Confidence is a habit and like any habit, if we don’t keep it up we lose it. Add in the stress of coming out of lockdown with fears around what life is going to look like, and it makes sense that many of us will be feeling more than a little unsteady at the moment, and that is ok to feel this way.

Hark back to more confident times

Think back to a time when you felt most at ease – confident in your abilities and the person that you are. Ponder on what it was about this situation that made you feel this way. Was it surrounding yourself with supportive people, or getting lost in something you really care about? As you start to ease yourself back to normal, try to recreate these moments.

Positive Affirmations

Think about what it is that you want to achieve, or the qualities and things that you need to remind yourself about.

I am strong and confident

I am worthy of love

 I am worthy of respect

I am capable of overcoming the challenges that come my way

I believe in my ability to achieve my personal and professional goals

I am enough

Dress the part

What makes you feel good? Is there an item of clothing that has the power to make you feel confident and strong?friends and family? Maybe there’s a colour or print that perfectly captures your energy, and the energy that you want to give out into the world. Find what it is, and strut your stuff.

Go easy on yourself

Don’t push too hard or have too high expectations to begin with. This is new territory for most of us and setting unrealistic goals won’t help.Keep your intentions positive and be mindful when you can – thinking neither of the past or the future, try to just be in the moment and accepting of what is right now.

You’ve got this.

Good luck and Keep Well

Dr Clara Russell